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Our Mission

Benne Media Group is about uplifting Black and content creators of color by introducing them to brands that they mesh well with. As well as showing top-tier gaming brands how to engage, promote, and invest in the BIPOC gamers. 



Junae Benne

Journalist, Community Manager, UX Designer, PR Specialist, Published Author

​Junae Benne started off pursuing a traditional career in journalism. From her internship at NBC Sports in 2011 to NBC 5 in 2013 she realized she wants to be in the world of gaming and there's no traditional path. She soon moved to Colorado and created, a company that featured weekly fighting game tournaments, after-school coding programs for underrepresented youth, and the biggest tournament in Colorado before Dreamhack arrived. 

After working with brands like Nintendo to create local Smash Bros tournaments and creating more events for organizations like Black Girl Gamers, Microsoft scouted Junae to garner a Chicago gaming community. She continues to work with brands like Microsoft, PC Gamer, Extra Life, Adidas, and I Play Games to bring them diverse influencers which consist of Black women and underrepresented POC. 

Junae Benne strives to spotlight Black women & other overlooked minorities in esports & gaming with her content creation.

With Curls + Controllers she likes to blend together the natural hair movement and gaming because there is beauty in gaming. And needs to be more representation of curly hair within the industry. 

Training and assisting up-and-coming influencers reach the next level of brand partnership is her way of showing brands that they can reach all sorts of audiences using unique personalities. 

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