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Check out Junae


This book gives you the basic knowledge of writing news articles and best practices. It also gives you an insight into how to start a career in video game journalism. There is a guide on how to write a video game review. There is a page filled with free resources on

- Becoming a better writer

-  Getting your first byline with a gaming         

    news outlet 

- How to read a press release

- Filling out press pass forms

and much more!

affirmation book2.png

This book is filled with affirmations and prompts. It reminds you who you are and what you're destined to be. As Black women are forced to take on all these roles and titles we can forget who we are. The prompts follow the affirmations are meant to help you dive deep into yourself and generate self-awareness and confidence in your daily life. Everyday you'll be saying to yourself

- I am loved

- I am the beauty standard 

- I love myself 

and much more. 

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