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So you want to join The Guild? It's a lot of work. If you're up for improving your writing skills while playing a few games; then we'd love to have you!


The Guild is formed to help those who want to hone their writing skills and learn about gaming journalism.

Good News everyone! We're accepting participants to The Guild. 

What is this course?

Are you a passionate writer looking to explore new horizons and challenge your creative abilities? You don't need to be a gamer to appreciate the rich storytelling, dynamic characters, and immersive worlds found in the gaming industry. My writing course is your gateway to harnessing these elements and enhancing your writing skills, regardless of your background.


This writing course teaches fundamentals of writing and ethical journalism with a focus on video game reviews. I want you to leave here a written product. If you have a piece you’d like to write, let me help you.

Bring your ideas and topics to the course and I’ll help you make them tangible …well, digital anyway.


Sometimes it’s hard to get started. Let me help you open the floodgates of your writing journey or career.

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  1. Identify Goals for writing

  • During the pre-session, we’ll identify writing limitations and the way you address yourself when it comes to writing


Before we can get to working on goals we have to address your habits and feelings about writing

    2. Develop a Pattern for Writing

  • Let’s create habits that will make writing like a muscle and not a foreign concept

    3. Reinforce Patterns and Goals

  • This is where the fun begins. We can start thinking of topics to write about and plan how to make it a reality


I created an ebook a few years ago when I realized I was the one answering the questions for people looking to get into games journalism. So why not complete my knowledge in e-format?

We'll be using my How to Become a Successful Video Game Journalist. Plus, I've been granted access to some indie game codes and exclusive interviews with people in the industry. 


This course is $150 for 4 weeks of setting goals, achieving goals, accountability, and personal access to me and my Discord. 

Included in the package is my book, an archive of the video-recorded sessions for your eyes only, plus lifetime access to the Discord!

For anyone who bought my book, you'll be receiving a 25% discount on the course. 

Ready? Set, Write!

Not sure yet? Contact us!

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Talk to you soon!

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