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What you need to know about Defend the Rook

One Up Plus Entertainment’s newest addition to their catalogue is

a whirlwind of strategy and mystery.

By: Nik Da Martian

If you are a fan of Dungeontop or Demontide, you may enjoy Defend the Rook. One Up Plus Entertainment is bringing this roguelike tower game to Nintendo Switch on April 14th.

A Magister, hired by his queen, is equipped with fabled heroes and armed to the teeth with mythical contraptions to defend his homeland from a powerful demon lord. As he defends his kingdom, the strange circumstances of these attacks implore him to question the true motives of his queen. Is this truly for the good of his home or is her lust for power the driving force?

The founder and manager of Goblinz Publishing, Johann Verbroucht, affirms that Defend the Rook has endless secrets to uncover, saying, “With dozens of unlockable upgrades and spells, and procedurally generated fights ensuring no playthrough is the same, players are kept on the edge of their seats every time.”

Defend the Rook is set to be released on Nintendo Switch on April 14th, 2022, priced at $17.99 USD/14.99€. Pre-order today and get 25% off.

Visit the official website for the game for additional information and follow One Up Plus Entertainment and Goblinz Publishing on X for further updates.

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