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You Gato have Gato Roboto

By Darion Hightower

Hello Readers, I know you want to know about Gato Roboto so let's get to it, shall we.

As an avid cat lover,I knew Gato Roboto was for me. I was sure before starting my journey into this game that it would be an amazing experience and boy was I right. The story had me wondering and thinking every step of the way until the very end and good god it was a ride of a journey. The story of a loyal cat traversing an abandoned planet to save his owner from a shipwreck was enjoyable and my favorite part of the game, The game is replayable because there are hidden gems in the 100% clearing of the game but it does not take away from the game at all if you do not completely clear it.

The gameplay is super smooth, I played on pc while using the keyboard. Myself being mostly a fighting game player it took me a while to adjust but that was most likely due to me not playing a single player game in some time. There were times where I forgot I had acquired more powers through the game, but still had a good time traversing the world without them. There's somewhat of a puzzle aspect but the game provides a map to ensure you are never lost while on your mission. Being a cat is already cool enough. Being a mecha cat is even better and makes the gameplay that much more, there's even intense boss fights through the game!

The graphics and sound are all very well done and is the backbone that makes the game the great piece that it is. The techno jams add life to the pixel art world and creatures in it while also giving a relaxing feeling of being on a different world. There are different color palettes to unlock making it a slightly more customization experience for the player, and the sound blends the world together nicely for me.

Gato Roboto is an all-around good game developed by Doinksoft and DevolverDigital with a great short story, with great character development, with smooth gameplay controls that isn't complex at all, and pretty rad graphics and sound. My favorite part being the end because it's such a great story with a twist I was not ready for. I give this game a 4 out of 5 and say if you’re a hardcore indie gamer go for it but if not maybe wait until its lower in cost. It was a great experience because who wouldn't want to play as a cat? But the game is beatable in about 4 hours give or take depending on experience. Now that's over with what are you waiting for? This game is available on Steam and Nintendo Switch. Get your mechs and get out there soldiers! That's where I'll be, Cheers.

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