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Journalist | Community Manager | UX Designer | PR Specialist | Published Author

Just Junae

I am a freelance writer, for esports and the video game industry based in the US with over 10 years of XP. 

As a freelance esports / games journalist, I have reviewed video games, the affect they have on culture, pop culture, Black culture, etc. 

I also cover esports events from League of Legends Championship Series to the fighting game tournament EVO. 

I have bylines in Tom's Hardware, PC Gamer, Wired, Black Girl Nerds, NBC, and much more. 

Community outreach & tournament organizing 

I created, a company that featured weekly fighting game tournaments, and after-school coding programs for underrepresented youth while living in Colorado. Through hosting the biggest tournament in Colorado before Dreamhack arrived I was scouted by Microsoft to develop and manage the Chicagoland gaming community. 

Before making a name for myself at Microsoft I managed my own community as well as the beginning stages of Black Girl Gamers. This is where my community management skills were sharpened. 

Managing The Gaming Dojo, the backend and content end of Black Girl Gamers, and creating events like console launches and midnight releases with Microsoft honed my marketing skills. I know how to secure sponsorships, be booked as a guest speaker and book guest speakers all while speaking to various demographics. 

Brands i've worked with

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