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This is a guide to writing video game reviews and getting bylines. And a guide for the basic rules of writing. How to Become a Successful Video Game Journalist gives the low down on how to apply for press passes, read press releases, and conduct interviews.
For anyone who has asked How do I get into Games Journalism?' This ebook is a self-help guide filled with free resources. I'd love to help you on your journey, head to my Patron to set up 1-on-1 mentoring sessions. - How to become a successful video game journalist.

Affirmations for the Little Black Girl in You. This affirmations journal is about healing your inner child that wasn't protected or didn't receive kind words. Enjoy over 60 affirmations that will help you flourish and seize the day.
The prompts follow the affirmations are meant to help you dive deep into yourself and generate self-awareness and confidence in your daily life. Every day you'll be saying to yourself:
- I am loved
- I am the beauty standard 
- I love myself 
and much more. 


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discord template.webp
I created a Discord serve template to help anyone who wants to start a Discord. This isn't just any old template. This template provides security measures to cut down on trolling, spam, and unwanted guests. 

I thought of this idea because a lot of Black and women of color are harassed online while creating content. Content creators use Discord to build their community, they shouldn't fear harassment as a gamer in their private server. Women gamers are harassed enough online. There should be a safe place for women to play games. This Discord serve sets up security presets so any gamer can focus on building their community instead of getting hung up on the complexities of Discord. I update the template frequently. 
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