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My work in esports has such a huge impact on the culture, community, and BIPOC that I've been featured in various forms of media like articles, podcasts, and videos. 

I am a well-decorated esports journalist who has won awards, grants, and notable status for existing in the space and being the first to break barriers. 

Being one of the top Black esports/games journalists it's my honor and duty to give back to the community and create bridges for others who would like to enter to the space. 


  • BBC - PS5 Inflation overseas

  • Spawn on Me - Women of the FGC

  • GameEnthus

  • Thumbstick Mafia 

  • PokeProblems - 2018 PAX South

  • NinteDomain - Can Esports be in the Olympics w/ Junae Benne

League of Legends Championships Series 2022

20220911_121101 (1).jpg
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